1 Set Antique Silver Pardon Crucifix and Full Color Picture Centerpiece DIY Makes 1 Rosary Antique Silver Finish. (1) Full color picture under glass Centerpiece with Madonna and Child on back side. Weight (1) Fleur-de-lis Crucifix Cross
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1/Set Antique Silver Pardon Crucifix Color Picture Centerpiece

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DIY Makes 1 Rosary

Antique Silver Finish.

(1) Antique Silver Finish Centerpiece with Full color picture under glass with Madonna and Child on back side.

  •     Weight Grams: 5.1
  •     2.2 x1.4 cm

(1)  Antique Silver Finish INDULGENCE Pardon Crucifix Cross

  •     Weight Grams: 7.5
  •     5.0 x 3.4 cm

Measurements does not include eyelet

    A01 Michael   
    A02 Holy Family   
    A03 Madonna Child
    A04 Lady of Sorrows
    A05 Icon Madonna
    A06 Good Shepherd
    A07 Divine Child
    A08 Saint Joseph
    A09 Madonna Child
    A10 Madonna Child
    A11 Christ Cross
    A12 Saint Theresa
    A13 Sacred Heart of Jesus
    A14 Good Shepherd
    A15 Perputal Help
    A16 Sacred Heart Jesus
    A17 Last Supper
    A18 Guardian Angel
    A19 Crucifixion
    A20 Virgin Mary
    A21 Immaculate Heart of Mary
    A22 Last Supper
    A23 Lady of Lourdes
    A24 Christ Knocking Door
    A25 Icon Virgin Mary Child Jesus
    A26 Queen of Heaven
    A27 Holy Family
    A28 Baptism
    A29 Icon Madonna Child
    A30 Holy Family
    A31 Mother Mary Child
    A32 Saint Benedict
    A33 Sacred Heart of Jesus
    A34 Lady of Fatima
    A35 Icon Jesus
    A36 Icon Mary Child Jesus
    A37 Crucifixion
    A38 Sacred Heart of Jesus
    A39 Lady of Grace
    A40 Jesus Good Sheperd
    A41 Saint George
    A42 Holy Family
    A43 Divine Mercy Jesus
    A44 Mary Heart White Dress
    A45 IHM
    A46 Ecce Homo Jesus
    A47 Lady of Guadalupe
    A48 Lady of Grace
    A49 Saint Jude
    A50 IHM
    A51 SHJ