50/Pc Striking Genuine Silver Oxidized Replica Papal Crucifix 5.4cm Our Deluxe Rosary Crucifixes are known for the most beautiful intricate designs Rosary parts Made in Italy Largest selection of inexpensive Rosary supplies on the web.
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50/Pc Striking Genuine Silver Oxidized Replica Papal Crucifix

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  • Imported: Italy
  • Jump Ring Included: Yes Attached
  • Finish: Genuine Silver Oxidized
  • Item #: 13/2146 50/Pc Papal Cross
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Premium Italian made Crucifixes Genuine Silver Oxidized Finish Crucifixes Rosary parts, Necklace etc

Includes Attach Jump Ring

This exceptionally detailed die-cast Cross is made in the region of Italy that produces the finest quality medals in the world. The silver oxidized finish has been perfected for hundreds of years by the local Italian craftsmen, and remains unmatched in quality, beauty, and longevity throughout the world -a genuine silver Oxidized Finish with a 3-dimensional depth, and long-lasting brilliance.

Measurement does not include eyelet