Prodigal Son Antique Silver finish Rosary Centerpiece 2.3cm

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Inexpensive Rosary Centers to make rosaries-centerpeices  - Silver Oxidized-Center Rosary parts - Jump rings not included - -Measurement does NOT include eyelet -Bulk

Veni Creator Spiritus
Veni Creator Spiritus ("Come creator Spirit") is a hymn normally sung in Gregorian Chant. It is believed to have been written by Rabanus Maurus in the 9th century. The hymn is normally associated with the Roman Catholic Church, where it is performed during the liturgical celebration of the feast of Pentecost (at both Terce and Vespers). It is also sung at occasions such as the entrance of Cardinals to the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope, as well as the consecration of bishops, the ordination of priests, the dedication of churches, the celebration of synods or councils, the coronation of kings and other solemn events.