St Martin Caballero Silver Oxidized medal oval 1" Styles Vary

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  • Item #: (C85) 13/1086 Martin Caballero
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Silver Oxidized Medal-Inexpensive Silver Oxidized Medal
Catholic medals Made in Italy-Lowest Price Bulk-Oval 1"- Oxidized Saints
Medals may vary from picture shown

PATRON SAINT OF-against poverty; against alcoholism; Bahrija, Malta, beggars, Beli Manastir; Buenos Aires, Burgenland, cavalry; Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade, Dieburg, Edingen equestrians, Foiano della Chiana, France, geese, horses, hotel-keepers, innkeepers, Kortrijk; diocese of Mainz; Montemagno, Olpe, Pietrasanta, Pontifical Swiss Guards, quartermasters, reformed alcoholics, riders, diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, soldiers, tailors, Utrecht; vintners, Virje, wine growers, wine makers, Wissmannsdorf